Thursday, April 9, 2020

[] Surveys Lockdown, Blog and Forums Added!

Hello there,

Hoping you are all in excellent condition when this email finds you.

William Nabaza here or weblord commonly known. This is to update you
about the bitcoinwalls website. Yes, 50% is still at stake when you
claim once after finishing the survey lock down, you will see your
referral or affiliate link and share it and get 50% of whatever your
referrals get.

I'm sorry for the delay of reply, if you want your 1000 satoshis, please
feel free to reply back to me in this email and I will give you the link
to it and you need to play for sometime and you will get 1,000 satoshis.

The bitcoin faucet have been updated to the latest
script. I have added forums and blogs to the Community section in the
menu, it's formerly Desktop miner, don't worry the link to the Desktop
miner is still there.

I have also added a survey to be completed first, the first phase is to
complete a personal information and then the surveys, please kindly
submit real information so it will let you in the bitcoin faucet. Now
the faucet gives away free satoshis every 8 minutes maximum of 14 claims
per day since it's not to be abused.

Please don't use any vpn or proxies for it will automatically blocked
that. You have to use your real ISP ip address if you know what that
means, I'm sure you are all using it for the bitcoin faucet software
will not let you in.

I honestly needed more income that's why I created this bitcoin faucet,
please bear with me with the surveys lately only two or three are
claiming on it. The survey lock in are just an idea for me to increase
profitability. I got the idea from the lock down that we are all
experiencing right now.

Still don't lose hope you can claim and earn satoshis even on a lockdown
like this. Don't let anyone stop you. It's also a way to remove boredom
so it helps you to spend time more satoshis profitable.

So that's about it, thanks for returning back and thanks also to those
who are active claimers not abusers.

To Our Success,
William Nabaza
owner of